“Live the Life of Your Dreams: Be brave enough to live the life of your dreams according to your vision and purpose instead of the expectations and opinions of others.” 
― Roy T. BennettThe Light in the Heart



Dave Yeargan


I enjoy helping young people find their purpose. Too many people spend too little time exploring their personal mission in life. My 19 years in the university system revealed that most of our youth are so busy doing what they feel they are told that they are supposed to do and very few are pursuing what they feel called to do. When faced with the biggest decisions such as choosing a major or career path, most come up empty. To know your purpose you must know yourself. To feel called to do something, you must be able to feel for answers and this takes practice and guidance. The logical mind all too often dominates our thoughts and suppresses our intuition. I specialize in helping people learn to feel for answers and learn to trust their instincts. It is more important to be able to learn through experience and gain confidence in one’s ability to make critical decisions than it is to make a right or wrong choice in life. My background training experiential educators and outdoor adventure leaders helps me to see adversity as an opportunity. I teach people to see their challenges as teachers and learn important lessons from both their friends and adversaries.

I use the elements of nature as examples of universal truths because they are the most powerful teachers. In nature it easy to see the way things flow and move in patterns. In our own lives in can be difficult to recognize that we are part of a natural rhythm. People grow and groups of people form in predictable cycles. Once these cycles are known and we see ourselves as part of a greater system, it takes away a lot of pressure and anxiety. I teach people to recognize these patterns in themselves and others and make choices informed by the situation. I teach people to understand that their best varies from day to day and moment to moment and to accept themselves even on their worst days. By recognizing that life ebbs and flows and emotions follow, one can gain mastery over their lives and feel more confident no matter what is happening outside of their control. If you think or your child would benefit from speaking with me, please contact me and we can find a solution


“It is not from ourselves that we will learn to be better than we are.”

– Wendell Berry


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