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Afternoon Adventures - Johnston County Early Release


Price $45

To register, send in your payment via Paypal to Please add your name, email address, cell phone number, and program date in the notes section. We will email your confirmation within 48 hours with an information packet to follow.


Kateras' Adventure Afternoons are designed to develop student’s self-confidence, decision-making abilities and collaboration skills through the use of experiential learning methods and the adventure based learning model. At Kateras, knowledge is gleaned through reflection after participants work together in a cooperative setting to achieve unique problem solving goals.

The group is allowed to take ownership over their learning. They are not guided to answers or outcomes, but given the tools and power to draw their own conclusions from carefully crafted learning experiences. Groups learn through natural consequences and are encouraged to engage fully in their learning. The groups challenges increase as their communication improves and they transfer the lessons learned from one experience to the next.

The group size is kept small so that a team atmosphere can be realized. An experienced facilitator will use situational leadership to help the group progress through the stages of group development. Participants will realize what it feels like to be part of a team where individual differences are appreciated and leadership is shared. Trust in one’s team mates will increase over time and the student’s will learn to collaborate effectively. This positive group experience will increase the student’s likelihood of opening up to others, offering and accepting assistance and willingness to trust new people in future endeavors.

Kateras uses nature’s powerful elements as its classroom. Outdoor skills will be taught and then applied in a way that bonds students to nature rather than having them regard nature as an adversary that must be tamed. Students will leave with their awareness heightened and an increased ability to recognize natural patterns and processes.

Students will be empowered by the ability to provide for their basic needs (water, shelter, warmth and food) and maintain their comfort in a wilderness environment. Kateras teaches students to see themselves in nature and nature within themselves. They will understand how to use nature to restore their spirits and feel part of a greater whole.


  1. What will my child learn at Adventure Afternoons? Your child will learn native plants and animals. They will learn to navigate using a map and compass, as well as, how to stay found without a map or compass. They will learn how to build and maintain a fire safely. They will learn to identify natural shelters and to build their own shelters. Your child will learn to collaborate and work with a team to accomplish complex tasks.
  2. What should my child bring to Adventure Afternoons? Please send your child with a backpack containing lunch, snacks and water. Also a change of clothes and extra shoes. Insect repellent is recommended.
  3. What should my child not bring to Adventure Afternoons? Please do not send your child with electronics or cell phones. Things get wet and dirty so do not send them wearing anything that cannot get stained.
  4. What type of clothing do you recommend? Have your child dress in layers so that they can adjust to changes in weather and activity level. Make sure their shoes will stay on in the mud, old sneakers are best.
  5. Can parents stay? Yes! Parents are welcome to join us!
  6. What if I am late dropping off or picking up my child? Please call us at 919-749-0782 and let us know if you will be running late dropping off or picking up your child.
Earlier Event: November 27
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