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Afternoon Adventures - Johnston County Early Release


Price $35

To register, send in your payment via Paypal to Please add your name, email address, cell phone number, and program date in the notes section. We will email your confirmation within 48 hours with an information packet to follow.


Depending on weather and the group, activities will include nature games, shelter building, orienteering, fire building and gardening! Expand your outdoor comfort level, unwind in nature and connect with others through team oriented challenges. Afternoon Adventures focuses on the critical lessons that are difficult to learn in school while still allowing plenty of time for free play and group exploring!


  1. What will my child learn at Adventure Afternoons? Lessons will vary from class to class depending on the group and time of year. Your child will learn outdoor skills that may include native plants and animals, navigating using a map and compass. They may learn how to build and maintain a fire safely, to identify natural shelters or build their own shelters. Whatever the activity, your child will learn to collaborate and work with a team to accomplish complex tasks.
  2. What should my child bring to Adventure Afternoons? Please send your child with a backpack containing snacks and water. Insect repellent is recommended. They will likely get wet and muddy so please send them with a change of clothes.
  3. What should my child not bring to Adventure Afternoons? Please do not send your child with electronics or cell phones. Things get wet and dirty so do not send them wearing anything that cannot get stained.
  4. What type of clothing do you recommend? Have your child dress in layers so that they can adjust to changes in weather and activity level. Make sure their shoes will stay on in the mud, old sneakers are best.
  5. Can parents stay? Yes! Parents are welcome to join us!
  6. What if I am late dropping off or picking up my child? Please call us at 919-749-0782 and let us know if you will be running late dropping off or picking up your child.