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Kateras Summer Camp - Ages 5 & up



Registration for current and former Kateras participants opens Monday, March 18th.

Registration for new participants opens:: Monday, March 25th

Camp Fee: $250

To register…

Send your payment via Paypal to Please add your name, email address, cell phone number, and program date in the notes section. We will email your confirmation, within 48 hours with an information packet to follow.


This day camp meets from 9:00 am - 2:00 pm Monday - Friday

Kateras sits on 20 acres of creeks, streams, fields and forests. We have swamps and hills, open fields and dense thickets. The many diverse ecosystems here attract a wide variety of wildlife. There is so much to see and learn, every visit has something new to teach!

Kateras Summer Camp is designed to help your child feel comfortable in the natural world and increase their confidence when collaborating with others. Our Instructors have over 20 years of experience facilitating powerful outdoor education programs. Activities will vary from day to day and will include gardening, plant identification, as well as, nature arts and crafts. We will learn to work together to build natural shelters and campfires, play nature games and explore the fields, forests and creeks of Kateras. 

This program will help your child develop enduring friendships with other children who share a love of being outside. Free time for playing and exploring will be mixed with structured activities that teach solid outdoor skills that your child can draw upon for years of future adventures.

Group size will be limited so that a cohesive team can form. Opening circles each day will empower the group to set goals and take ownership over their camp. Closing circles will help the team reflect on their learnings and build team cohesion. As the program progresses, the group will form it's own identity, learn to share leadership and really get to know the individuals that make up the team. 


  • Splashing in the creek

  • Learning animal tracks and scat

  • Gardening

  • Open ended play

  • Nature art

  • Identifying native plants


  1. What will my child learn at camp? Your child will learn native plants and animals. They will learn to navigate using a map and compass, as well as, how to stay found without a map or compass. They will learn how to build and maintain a fire safely. They will learn to identify natural shelters and to build their own shelters. Your child will learn to collaborate and work with a team to accomplish complex tasks.

  2. What should my child bring to camp? Please send your child with a backpack containing lunch, snacks and water. Also a change of clothes and extra shoes. Insect repellent is recommended.

  3. What should my child not bring to camp? Please do not send your child with electronics or cell phones. Things get wet and dirty so do not send them wearing anything that cannot get stained.

  4. What type of clothing do you recommend? Have your child dress in layers so that they can adjust to changes in weather and activity level. Make sure their shoes will stay on in the mud, old sneakers are best.

  5. What if I am late dropping off or picking up my child? Please call us at 919-749-0782 and let us know if you will be running late dropping off or picking up your child.

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