Transformation by Nature


We strive to connect with the Earth deliberately and collectively as a community seeking a deeper relationship with nature and more meaningful interactions with others. Nature is the most effective teacher and the lessons she has to share are multi-dimensional and revealed only to those who are patient and curious. This program leverages the power of our innate fascination with nature to drive our learning adventure. In order to protect the dignity of ourselves as individuals and keep our knowledge of purpose alive, we must explore and be driven by our hearts. We must let lessons come at an appropriate time, when curiosity is at its peak and learning flows freely. We must meet in the forests and fields with the wisdom of the ancient ways to affirm what our intuition, or inner voice, already knows; the Earth provides everything we need to thrive: food, water, shelter, warmth, cleansing, healing, awareness of self, awareness of others, awareness of flow, awareness of spirit, and awareness of purpose...We seek to deepen our communities connection with nature and provide them with powerful, time tested tools that will instill in them a self-assuredness and depth of strength to endure anything life may place before them.

This programs will draw from ancient knowledge and cultures from around the world who share the common thread of nature connectedness. We will support passions with technique and historical context.  Some learnings will come from the experience of working together as a team, Other lessons will come from the challenges of working and being alone. All of our visitors benefit from hands on mentoring and coaching. We build consensus at the start of every day around what we would like to do. We make our plan in rhythm with the cycle and seasons of the land. We work together and learn through success and mostly failure. At the end of the day, we reflect on how things went, what we learned and anything we would like to change for the following week. Groups progress through the natural stages of group development and know what if feels like to be a performing, high functioning team. This team development is used as a teaching tool for appropriate leadership styles and how to transfer these concepts to other situations.