This program will help your group get to know one another, focus on their ability to work effectively as a team and increase their trust and appreciation for the individuals within the group.

Fun and non-competitive games level the playing field and minimize stress. Group initiatives and problem-solving exercises help groups smooth out kinks in communication and work through their "stuck points" in a condensed time frame and using challenges that are free from the "workplace baggage" that comes with any organization.

Groups will leave feeling closer and conversations about team functioning will be more normalized. Individuals will leave feeling ore supported and safer psychologically, the key ingredient to high-functioning teams.


This day-long retreat will leave your group feeling more like a close family. An Adventure Day can be used as a stand alone program or as a follow up to our short program. 

Your team will be given real challenges and allowed to learn through authentic successes and failures. All of our challenges can be completed by novices after a few minutes of basic instruction, but they do require teams to work effectively together.

Activities including orienteering, canoeing, fire building and primitive structure building allow the group to learn to work together in a fun and relaxing setting. Getting out of the office and completing the Adventure Day together will break down barriers and develop close bonds and shared moments to help the team through those tough days at the office.